Dine in the Dark will take place for the month of October in participating restauraunts nationwide

What happens when you remove one sense? Do the other senses benefit as they respond to the absence of another?

When it comes to food and eating …. and let’s not forget wine, smells and taste are enhanced all thanks to those tingling little taste buds.

While people with sight loss aren’t always able to fully see the aesthetics of food, (a technique which dramatically shapes how most people experience their culinary delights), those tingling little taste buds come into play in a big way! We want you to delve into the wonder that is heightened senses through Dine in the Dark!

So before you #Dine4NCBI in November, here’s some information you might not have known about your much under celebrated taste buds!


Your taste buds aren’t just on your tongue, they are also on the roof, cheeks and back of your mouth.


A huge eighty percent of what we experience as taste is actually through smell.


You can’t taste what your saliva can’t dissolve. Saliva dissolves the chemicals in food allowing the receptors on your taste buds to detect taste. Without it, food is pointless, apologies we mean tasteless!


Our taste-buds are essentially helping to keep us alive and prevent us from eating dangerous foods. Taste can sense both harmful and beneficial things. All basic tastes are classified as either aversive or appetitive, this depends upon the effect the things they sense have on our bodies. Sweetness helps to identify energy-rich foods, while bitterness serves as a warning. But don’t worry we promise only delicious appetitive signals will be triggered by your taste buds during Dine in the Dark!


Did you know that taste perception fades with age; we lose almost half of our taste receptors by the time we turn 20! So, don’t forget to save the date and get ready to #Dine4NCBI and put those tingling little taste buds into action in November.

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Dine in the Dark week takes place on the 5th-12th November 2017.

You can register your restaurant here. To view participating restaurants click here.

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