Dine in the Dark will take place for the month of November in participating restauraunts nationwide


NCBI’s wonderful Dine in the Dark event, in association with RAI, returns again after last year’s success. Your diners wear blindfolds while eating from your mouth-watering menu. As they attempt to dine in darkness, the meal becomes a remarkable sensory encounter that heightens people’s sense of taste, touch, smell, and communication – and most of all, fun. Normal barriers collapse and guests begin to feast their imagination, not their eyes. You can design a set menu or simply offer your regular choices.

Each restaurant adds a €10 surcharge to the price of the meal which is donated to NCBI.

History of the event
Over 10 years ago, Germany’s first Dark Restaurant opened its doors, attracting over 150,000 guests. Brought to Ireland in 2012 as part of the Taste of Dublin festival, Dine in the Dark attracted some of Ireland’s leading culinary experts. Last year NCBI rolled it out, to hundreds of restaurants across Ireland to great success.

Who is it aimed at?
It’s a joyous and moving evening for your existing and new customers – for friends, families, groups, couples or singles where conversation flows, humour sparkles and intimacy grows. Without their sight, guests experience complex tastes, flavours, scents and textures in a completely novel and stimulating way.

When does it happen?
NCBI’s Dine in the Dark is a week-long culinary celebration during the second week of November that will see hundreds of restaurants and thousands of people across Ireland dining in the dark for sight loss.

How does it help people with sight loss?
While it is impossible to fully simulate life with sight loss, diners will get an insight of what it’s like to live life as a blind or vision impaired person. And while they experience this fabulous feast of food, fun and imagination, a minimum of €10 from every meal will be donated by participating restaurants to the National Council for the Blind’s crucial work supporting people with sight loss.

How to run Your event

Attracting Customers

  • You will receive a social media promotional calendar from NCBI, this will help you attract current and new customers to your event.


  • Take your books as usual.
  • Participating restaurants must have a minimum of 10 seats allocated for their Dine in the Dark event (or in other words a minimum donation of 100 euro to NCBI).

On the Night

  • Guests arrive and are seated.
  • Ask them to put on their blind folds.
  • Service as usual.
  • Everyone has a great time.
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