August 23, 2016

Ready to Dine in the Dark?

Check out who will be hosting your local Dine in the Dark event!

Our 200 restaurants are currently registering to #GoDark for Sight Loss this year and we will update this section of the website accordingly!

Customers please note that due to the high volume of restaurants we are unable to take individual bookings.  However  if you get in touch with  the restaurant directly they will be able to take your booking so you can #GoDark in November.

We can’t wait to hear all about your Dine in the Dark experience!


#GoDark Dublin

FALLON & BYRNE 6th November http://www.fallonandbyrne.com/
Fresca 7th November www.fresca.ie
Il Posto 7th November http://www.ilpostorestaurant.com/
Viva 7th November  www.vivaespanatapas.com/
Mochaland café 8th November http://www.mochalandcafe.com/
The Merchant’s Arch 8th November http://www.merchantsarch.ie/
La Maison 8th November http://lamaisondublin.com/
La Réserve Brasserie 8th November http://www.lareserve.ie/
Farmer Browns 8th November www.farmerbrowns.ie/
Hugo’s  9th November http://www.hugos.ie/
Anglers Rest 9th November http://theanglersrest.ie/
The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club 9th November http://www.sghc.ie/
The Blind Pig 9th November http://theblindpig.ie/
The Boxty House 9th November https://boxtyhouse.ie/
FIRE Restaurant and Lounge 9th November http://www.mansionhouse.ie/fire-restaurant/
Cavern on baggot street 9th November https://cavernbaggotst.com/
Bistro 9 9th November http://www.metrohoteldublinairport.com/dining.html
 Zaragoza 9th Novmber http://zaragozadublin.com/
MyThai 10th November  http://my-thai.ie/dining-in-the-dark/
Pacinos 10th November http://pacinos.ie/
Masterson’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar 10th November http://www.mastersonssteakhouse.ie/
eir 10th November https://www.eir.ie/
Oscars 10th November http://www.oscarschristchurch.com/
Inner Garden 11th November http://innergarden.ie 
Alfie’s Restaurant 11th November http://www.alfies.ie/
Playwright Restaurant Wynn’s Hotel  11th November  http://www.wynnshotel.ie/dining.htm



#GoDark Kildare

Fallons Restaurant 8th November http://www.fallonb.ie/
Picaderos 8th November http://www.picaderos.ie/
Las rada tapas bar 13th November  http://www.lasradatapas.ie/

#GoDark Kilkenny

Harpers 6th November Harpers
Cafe Sol 10th November http://www.restaurantskilkenny.com/
Rose Café 11th November

#GoDark Laois

Relish Brasserie 9th November http://relishrestaurants.ie/

 #GoDark Longford

The Black Olive Restaurant 11th November http://www.blackolive.ie/



#GoDark Louth

Scholars Townhouse Hotel 10th November Scholars Townhouse Hotel

#GoDark Meath

The Russell Restaurant Navan 9th November http://therussellrestaurant.ie/
The Bective Restaurant Kells 10th November  http://www.thebective.ie/
The Central Bar 10th November  http://www.thecentral.ie/index.asp
Teach na Teamhrach 11th November http://www.tarahouseaccommodation.ie/

#GoDark Offaly

Captain House 9th November http://www.captainhouserestaurant.ie/


#GoDark Westmeath

Miller and Cook 8th November http://millerandcook.ie/


#GoDark Wexford

Mary Barrys seafood bar and restaurant 10th November https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mary-Barrys/183163998394501
Home Restaurant 11th November  http://www.homerestaurant.ie/


#GoDark Wicklow

The Friary 1896 @ The Grand Hotel 11th  November http://www.grandhotel.ie/
The Mystic Celt 10th November http://www.themysticcelt.ie/