August 23, 2016

Ready to Dine in the Dark?

Check out who will be hosting your local Dine in the Dark event!

Our 200 restaurants are currently registering to #GoDark for Sight Loss this year and we will update this section of the website accordingly!

Customers please note that due to the high volume of restaurants we are unable to take individual bookings.  However  if you get in touch with  the restaurant directly they will be able to take your booking so you can #GoDark in November.

We can’t wait to hear all about your Dine in the Dark experience!


#GoDark Donegal


Restaurant Sage 10th November   http://www.sagelk.com
The Yellow Pepper Letterkenny 11th November http://www.yellowpepperrestaurant.com/

#GoDark Monaghan

The Batch Loaf 6th November http://www.thebatchloaf.com/


#GoDark Fermanagh

Three Way Inn 9th November thethreewayinn@gmail.com