Pardon the pun but we just couldn’t help ourselves!  Our friends at The Boxty House are holding an exclusive “Blind Whiskey Tasting” as part of the  2017 Dine in the Dark campaign.

It’s a place where there is a strong connection with the land, culture and history, a place where people are invited to embrace the origins of the Boxty Pancake and the home-grown produce on the menus.

Guests will be treated to 3 measures of different brands of whiskey at a price of €20 with €5 being donated to the National Council for the Blind to support he delivery of life changing sight loss services.

The restaurant has been at the beating heart of a dynamic, contemporary community for over 25 years. Boxty customers experience a genuine taste of modern Ireland, full of eclectic talking points and the warmth of that country kitchen down the west.

Contact The Boxty House for more information: 016772762

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