Companies across Ireland Challenge their Staff to Dine in the Dark

We were thrilled to join our friends in eir yesterday as they held the   inaugural Team Dine in the Dark for Sight Loss as part of our #GoDark campaign.   The eir Grad Team took over for the day, leading colleagues and guests into the function room while BLIND FOLDED! In typical Dine in the[…]

Image of blindfolded guests being led in by host Raheem

Dine in the Dark Taste Sensation in Fade Street Social

Monday night, the 10th of October, guests arrived at Fade Street Social by Dylan McGrath for the National Council for the Blind of Ireland’s Dine in the Dark Taste Sensation event.  The guests arrived excited yet disconcerted and some slightly nervous. On arrival, the guests were shown their Taster menu for the night. The menu[…]

Dinning in the Dark Wine Dining

It Would Be Rude Not to Give You Some Pointers

  Establish a “point of reference” at the table. This may be an object which you know the exact location and its distance from other item. For example, being aware that your glass is placed on your right-hand side, at the top of your knife. This will make it easier to navigate your way around.[…]